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MESA+ NanoLab migrated to NIS!

Starting July 1st the last partner MESA+ has migrated to the new NanoLabNL Information System (NIS), an application that is being developed by us for the NanoLabNL partnership. This migration had other challenges compared to earlier migrations of the other partners, mostly related to…

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Nanolab@TU/e migrated to NIS!

Starting this week the Eindhoven University of Technology has switched to the new NanoLabNL Information System (NIS), an application that is being developed by us for the NanoLabNL partnership. The biggest challenge with this migration was retaining as much data as possible from their previous syst…

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Kavli & EKL NanoLabs migrated to NIS!

The last two weeks we have been busy migrating the Kavli and EKL NanoLabs of the Delft University of Technology to the new NanoLabNL Information System (NIS) as developed and maintained by us. As always, such a migration involves a couple of technical challenges, the main one being related to prese…

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Talks with Homey

Homey is a home automation platform created by Athom, which uses a physical hub and a mobile/web application to link smart home devices, such as light bulbs, thermostats, window blinds and sound systems. These links enable users to create the ultimate smart home experience. In order for Homey to co…

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Recent projects

Homey Apps

Homey is an all-in-one smart home platform developed by Athom. It serves as a central control hub that unifies various smart devices and technologies under one ecosystem, regardless of the brand or…

NanoLabNL Information System (NIS)

The NanoLabNL Information System (NIS) is an application to manage all information and processes necessary for the daily operation of a cleanroom environment. The development of NIS has bee…

Create Tomorrow Backend

Create Tomorrow is an annual event organised by a committee of the Student Union: the event is the world's largest student think thank, bringing students together with the business community to…

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