About us

Drenso has been founded by two former students of the University of Twente with a technical background in electronics, programming and embedded systems, which is used to create tailor-made solutions for everyone. Thanks to our experience in large applications that are used at and around the university, we are convinced that we can provide everyone with a great and suitable system.

We have noticed that nowadays usually standard applications are chosen: however, our experience with these kind of applications is that the adaptation for the specific use case is often time-consuming and ultimately causes the original goals to no longer be achievable. That is why we believe that tailor-made solutions are much more flexible and will always have a better fit with the project requirements. And because the application has been developed for only one use case, they can be more effecient with the available technical resources and easier to understand: one of the success stories is the application that has already been used for years by the Kick-In, which organises the yearly student introduction for the University of Twente!

At Drenso we do not allow ourselves to be limited by just using the technology already known to us: we are always looking for the most suitable solution for every problem and we always start our projects with an extensive analysis. Together with the customer we investigate the available options, while looking at the future: we prefer to use the latest technology in order to deliver the best products!

Our team