Tobias Feijten

Symfony 5 Advanced Level

Since October 2017 I have been a hardware design engineer at Benchmark Electronics located in Almelo, where I design high-tech electrical devices. When Bob approached me to create a company together, I was actually already playing with such an idea in my head. I really enjoy working on all kinds of projects, where I specialise in software development and application design. This was regularly a part of my study and the Kick-In website, an application of which I, together with Bob, developed a large part.

In addition I fulfilled a full-time board position for the study association of Electrical Engineering in the 2014-2015 academic year, where I also had to deal with the management of an organisation. That was actually very stimulating as I could express a lot of enthusiasm in it. During my board time I also discovered that many drop-in solutions are not an exact fit for company specific use cases, meaning that tailor made solutions are actually valid options as they offer practical freedom. Because of this, we make sure to follow this philosophy at Drenso, as I believe it is very widely applicable.


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